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Product Life Cycle Management

What is Product Life Cycle Management?  There are four stages to the Product Life Cycle.  They are:

  • Introduction

  • Growth

  • Maturity

  • Decline

Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM) is the succession of strategies by business management as our product goes through its lifecycle.  The life cycle of products varies via due to demand, competition along with some other factors.

The goals of product life cycle management (PLM) are to reduce time to market, improve product quality, reduce prototyping costs, identify potential sales opportunities and revenue contributions, and reduce environmental impacts at end-of-life.

At Friendly Earth, we strive to reduce the environmental impact for everyone’s product.  We reduce, reuse and most importantly Recycle.  Each and everyone of us must do our part and keep recyclables out of the landfill.

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