Health Canada Cannabis Compliance Inspection2019-02-21T17:24:50-07:00

Health Canada Cannabis Compliance Inspection

Anyone producing over the recreational plant limit of four plants per household should be subjected to Friendly Earth’s Health Canada Cannabis Compliance Inspection.  Our inspection includes:

  • Electrical load testing – Prevention of overloading circuits.

  • Mould Testing – Sampling, Analysis, Prevention and Removal

  • Inspect and Analyze Ventilation System.

  • Check and replace filtration filter to ensure odour containment

  • Verify the licensee is producing within their license limitations

  • Confirm grow address matches license address

  • Ensure no children have access to cultivation area and harvested product.

  • Verify and weight inventory of cured cannabis to comply within ACMPR/MMAR License

  • Ensuring licensed growers are staying within their license