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Cannabis Landlord Home Inspection

Does your tenant want to grow Cannabis?  Are they going to do in it a safe manner?  Protect your investment and make them get Friendly Earth’s Cannabis Landlord Home Inspection.  As recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada so is the right to grow your own.  Grow rooms can be a huge safety risk if constructed improperly.  Some of the hazards are:


  • Unsafe wiring

  • Overloading circuits

  • Damaged fixtures


  • Holes for ventilation

  • High humidity causing wood rot

  • Rusted support beams


  • Unmonitored CO2 burners

  • Mould due to poor ventilation

  • High humidity causing rusting on appliances such as furnace and hot water tank


  • Pollution/waster from growing nutrients

  • Contaminated grow area from improper use of insecticides

  • Improperly disposing of old contaminated growing medium

  • Infested with bugs associated with Cannabis (ie Spider Mites)

Don’t allow your tenant to grow without undergoing a proper inspection from the experts at Friendly Earth.  Our team of professionals will test:

  • Electrical Wiring and circuit overloading

  • Mould Sampling and prevention

  • Odour inspection and elimination

  • Inspect all modifications to your property

  • Ensure proper disposal of chemicals

  • Growing within their legal limitations

  • License verification