Friendly Earth Environmental has been in the recycling industry since 1985. Friendly Earth Environment provides autobody shops in Alberta a monthly removal service for a minimal fee.  Friendly Earth Environmental’s Bumper Recycling Program is one of the only bumper recycling initiatives recognized by most insurance providers.  Most insurance companies are allowing the body shops to recoup this cost but the autobody shop must belong to the Friendly Earth Environmental Stewardship Program.

Once at our facility, the bumpers are processed. Pictured below is an example of what a bumper looks like after being processed through our recycling facility:

There are over 600 autobody shops in Alberta. The picture shows approximately 200 bumpers. Imagine this pile but 1000 times larger and ending up in our local landfills throughout Alberta.

Friendly Earth Environmental is committed to their “Bumper Recycling Program” through their “Environmental Stewardship Award” which recognizes the autobody shops that have made the bumper recycling commitment to keep the bumpers out of the landfill.

Let’s do what is right and recycle!