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Blast & Coating

Friendly Earth Blast and Coating is Calgary’s most experienced sandblasting and coating team.  With 25 years experience in blasting and over 35 years of coating you can rest assured we won’t miss a spot.

Our mobile blast unit allows for onsite blasting in tight remote locations.

Our yard offers high quality blasting and coating without the hassle of a messy clean up.  Rims, Trailers, Frames, auto body parts and anything that will fit into our yard bring it to us for the perfect blast and coating.

We even offer a pickup service for the people that don’t have the means to bring it to our shop.

We use only environmentally friendly blast media that is silica free with a diverse selection of blast media to best suit the task at hand.

  • Soda Blasting Media for delicate material and autobody work

  • Granite Course Media for that heavily caked on rust

  • Crushed Glass Media for those pinholes and hard to reach places

Most importantly we do NOT use any media with silica.  Our company is environmentally friendly and people friendly.  No one is getting Silicosis at our facility.